1000km Solar Roads Coming to France


    Roads are normally built with Tar or concrete, but France wants to construct new roads with solar panels. These roads will generate power, so they will serve a dual function.

    Denmark has already paved the way with this invention and so far the roads are generating more power than was originally projected. Could this be the wave of the future? We can only hope.

    France Solar

    The country also will launch a series of tenders for a combined capacity of 3,000 megawatts (MW) of solar plants.

    France’s energy ministry said it will launch a series of six tenders of 500MW each between next year and 2020.

    Each tender is expected to be spaced six months apart.

    The ministry had said this regular cadence would provide stability and visibility to the French solar industry while also providing renewables jobs.

    Projects are expected to be selected based on price and carbon footprint.

    Cooperative projects run by groups of citizens will also receive an additional premium.

    It comes after the government set a target to boost France’s relatively small solar capacity from the current 6,700MW to 10,200MW by end of 2018 and 18,200 to 20,200MW by 2023.