Following the N9b budgeted for cook-stoves


    In November 2014, the Federal Executive Council approved N9,087,250 for the procurement of 750,000 cook-stoves and 18,000 wonderbags by the Ministry of Environment. Over 95,000 people die annually in Nigeria due to cooking smoke inhalation, yet, the planned procurement of the stoves sparked huge criticism of the government; Nigerians are all to familiar with such allocations that end up stolen by corrupt officials, never getting to the targeted population, and ofcos there is the question of procurement versus local manufacturing to boost local production and the Nigerian economy. To ensure accountability, Follow The Money initiative of Connected Development [CODE]has started monitoring activities around the budget.

    The Chief Executive of CODE, Hamzat Lawal said; “as part of our strategies to make sure this incentives get and impact the lives of rural women they are meant for. we have sent out a request for information letter, according to the Freedom of Information Act to the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Special Duties and the Integra Renewable Energy Limited, who got the procurement contract, seeking for the work plan and beneficiaries of this incentives, we hope they will respond within 7 days as stipulated by law in the 2011 Freedom of Information act” Hamzat said, in an interview at the launch of the initiative.

    CODE is building a large evidenced based approach to monitoring activities around the procurement and distribution, to ensure the thousands of rural women, the new cooking technology is meant have them, as promised by the government within the stipulated time frame.

    Visit out the Follow The Money website to also follow this money.