8 illuminating facts about iguanas


    Unless you’re a herpetologist or dedicated reptile enthusiast, you might not know much about iguanas. These docile creatures are laid-back, and their unassuming nature is often the root of many misconceptions.

    Although they may seem quite stoney on the surface (literally — they can be as still as rocks!), the truth is, iguanas are majestic, complex creatures. Iguanas are highly adaptive animals that are found in a variety of environments, including tropical forests, arid deserts and even in the water.

    If you’re looking for a crash course on the wonderful world of iguanas, continue on to learn a few facts about these amazing creatures.

    1. There are 35 different iguana species
    2. Iguanas love sunbathing
    3. They can hold their own in a fight using their spiky spinal tails- sometimes they can lose it in a fight but it grows back.
    4. Fiji banded Iguannas have camelon -like skin

    5. Some Iguannas are excellent swimmers
    6. They have a thrid eye also known as a parietal eye used to alert iguanas of aerial threats.
    7. Iguanas are vegans
    8. Finally, they live for a very long time

    So with now you jnow a bit more about that special breed of Lizards.