A Town Left to Waste (Jikwoyi-Abuja)


    Jikwoyi is a town under the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC), a Local Government Area in Abuja. It is about 10-15km away from the city center and home to lots of civil servants, businessmen and self-employed citizens.

    The growth of the town is irregular and unplanned. These can be attributed to lack of government presence and its proximity to the heart of Abuja city.

    The town lacks almost all the basic amenities of life, it is characterised by poor road network, lack of pipe borne water, erratic power supply, absence of recreational spot  and deteriorating structures.

    The only notable piece of empty land which serves as a football field for youths in the community is now a breeding ground for waste

    Joshua, who is resident in Jikwoyi phase 2, complained that he and his family are finding the continuous stay in the area very difficult due to the effect of refuse dumpsite located close to his house. He recounted the amount of money he has spent treating sicknesses caused by the effect of the waste dumpsite.

    According to Joshua, the dumpsite started small and efforts by the community to control the indiscriminate dumping of refuse on the filed have been futile.

    Research has it that communities with high population generate plenty of waste and jikwoyi is a town with high population. Therefore, the volume of waste generated is understandable but the management of waste is poor.

    Youths in the community have lost their recreational spot and their football field to indiscriminate dumping of refuse. They are calling on the people responsible for protecting the environment to quickly come to their rescue and help save their land.

    The responsibility of eradicating waste in Abuja lies on the shoulder of the Abuja Environmental Protection board (AEPB), the agency has neglected its duty in the satellite towns of the Federal Capital Territory. The same cannot be said of the city center, the agency dedicates all its time and resources to making sure that the city center is clean and free of waste while turning blind eyes to the surrounding towns.

    The Government should as a matter of urgency, make provisions for dumpsite and punish persons who dump refuse indiscriminately so as to save the satellite towns from ruin.