Africa’s agriculture value chain requires more attention – AfDB


    African leaders have been urged to pay more attention to the continent’s agricultural value chain to maximise benefits of the sector to African economies.

    The lapses in the value chain have made the sector unattractive to investors, according to the vice president of the African Development Bank, Charles Boamah.

    Boamah believes the business of agriculture on the African continent needs more investment.

    “Frequently, people think of Africa and say agriculture is risky. It is risky because there are aspects of the value chain that have not been probably developed and therefore that makes the whole sector look risky,” Mr Boamah told journalists at The Royal African Society event in London.

    He added that developments in agro processing, infrastructure to prevent post-harvest loses and adaptation of new technologies to encourage improved yields should be given critical attention.

    The Royal African Society’s (RAS) event was themed: “Japan & Africa: A new kind of relationship?” and was organised in association with the Government of Japan.