Calculating Toyin Saraki’s Communication Carbon Footprint


    I saw this photo of  Toyin Saraki and couldn’t help but imagine how much energy she would need to keep those phones powered 24hrs a day.  The photo shows 5 power phones and these could just be the ones that made the red carpet. The carbon footprint of using 1 mobile phone is  47kg CO2e: for a 1 year,typical usage of just under 2 minutes per day 1250kg CO2e: a year’s usage at 1 hour per day 125 million tonnes CO2e. Mobile phones cause a fairly tiny slice of global emissions, but if you are a chatterbox using your mobile for an hour each day, the total adds up to more than 1 tonne CO2e per year – the equivalent of flying from London to New York, one way, in economy class.  So multiply  that by 5.  It’s the energy needed to fly from London to New York, 5 times. That’s a lot maam!!  What does she need all those phones for? Is that how much wealth and wastage that comes with Nigerian governance.

    Mrs Saraki’s husband is Senator Bukola Saraki, Chair, Senate Committee on Environment and Ecology.

    Luxury living for our ailing environment and economy!!

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