Celebrating World Tourism Day 2017

    Nene-Uwa Hub Ltd in partnership with TVP Adventures and a host of other tourism and environmental enthusiasts would be partaking in a special BEACH CLEAN-UP & TREE PLANTING event to commemorate WORLD TOURISM DAY 2017 and to correlate with their theme for this year which is “SUSTAINABLE TOURISM – A TOOL FOR DEVELOPMENT”
    The volunteer “BEACH CLEAN-UP” would be holding at the “POINT OF NO RETURN” located in Badagry Slave Trade, Badagry, Lagos State. The idea is to create awareness on the benefits of being ECO-FRIENDLY and helping to sustain tourist destinations by reducing environmental impact by being guardians of our natural resources. The event is slated for SATURDAY, 30TH SEPT, 2017 at the iconic Point of No Return beach in Badagry. As one of Nigeria’s prominent tourism landmarks, this beach is the ideal location to carry out a campaign for sustainable tourism. The shoreline is eroding quickly and the white-sand beach is littered with trash from visitors as well as wash-back from the ocean. On the day of the event, we plan for 50 tourism and environmental professionals to join local residents to clean up the beach and plant coconut trees along the shoreline. Representatives from the media will also be present.
    Kindly contact Nnenna (08052149846) or Funmi (08052149846) for more information on how you can help contribute towards this commemorative event.