Morgan Freeman Wants You To Chat With Global Leaders


    Let your concerns about our environment be heard by global leaders, from wherever you are, on Sept. 23, 2014.

    Upworthy will be holding an all-day #UpChat live at the United Nations Climate Summit 2014, where global leaders are convening to make decisions about the future of our planet.

    How All you need to do is follow @Upworthy and @Climate2014Live, use the hashtags #UpChat and #Climate2014 in your tweets.


    Here is the transcript;
    One day we will wake up to find we have literally changed the face of the earth. We have never faced a crisis this big, but we have never had a better opportunity to solve it. We have everything we need to wake up to a different kind of world. What is needed is a concerted effort. We can make today the day we turn toward the solution we need. We can make today the day we chart a new course together. We have every reason in the world to act. We can’t wait until tomorrow. You can choose today to make a world of difference – Morgan Freeman.