Creative ways to upcycle your plastic bottles


    So what can you do with your mounting plastic bottles problems? Well you could toss them into your recycling bin instead of the regular trash (over and over again), buy less products with plastic bottles (if that is even possible) or you could go one step further by upcycling.

    Self-watering water bottle garden


    Do you forget to water your plants? Here’s a cool way so you don’t always have to remember. Thread a string through the bottle cap and cut the bottle in half. Water goes in the bottom half. A plant and soil goes in the top half. A full set of instructions are at Handmade by Kelly.

    No sew-zipper bottle


    Organize your pencils and kid’s crayons with this recycled DIY. Cut two water bottles, using only the bottoms. Then hot glue a zipper to plastic and store away! Get the how-to at Make It & Love It.

    Bottle mobile


    Add some color to your home with a flower-styled plastic bottle mobile. Cut the tops off of your bottle and shape them so they look like flowers. Then glue tissue paper on them. Decorate the tips of the flowers with silver duct tape and hang with a piece of yarn. Creative Jewish Mom has the complete details.

    Bathroom organizer


    Organize your toiletries by taking old colorful spray bottles and cutting them in half. Then press a hot iron to smooth the jagged edges. Get the how-to at A Little Craft In Your Day.

    Soda bottle lantern


    Give a soda bottle a new purpose by converting it into a sophisticated lantern. Cut off the top of a clean 2 liter bottle, and then fill it with twinkly lights. Wrap the bottle with a few layers of cut paper. More information is available at Oh Oh Blog.

    Why not try some of these and send us your story?