DIY: Magazine Coffee Table


    Well, it’s Friday!

    Today, we think it’ll be good to have an eco-friendly exercise, something you can do at home for the weekend or an inspiration for your very own DIY eco-friendly project!. Now, if you’ve got old magazines in your house, a metal base, and transparent or glass table tops, you should be able to replicate this image;

    In the picture, the pages of six copies of magazine were intricately woven together, and a metal base and glass top were added, to create a creative and eye-catching table. There was no cutting or glue involved so the table can be disassembled at any time.

    All you Need

    • 6 copies of any magazines
    • Metal Base
    • Transparent or glass table top

    There is no need for glue or paper-tape.

    Are you wondering if this is real? Bet you didn’t think six copies of a magazine would be enough to create a coffee table that will be stable on its own but this design by Vered Zaykovsky shows that it’s possible.

    Love the idea? Try it. Too complicated? Well, we hope it gives you ideas for eco-friendly projects over the weekend!


    Image credit: Yankos Design

    DIY Idea: Vered Zaykovsky.