Edible Cutlery: A delicious alternative to plastic and bamboo


    Bakeys Food is launching the world’s first edible cutlery line made of three flours: rice, wheat, and sorghum. Established in 2010 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, the company aims to provide an alternative to plastic disposable cutlery and the bamboo disposable chopsticks. After much research, the founder – Nanayara Peesapaty developed the designs of the product, used it and enhanced it so that the user feels comfortable in all aspects of using cutlery.

    Their goal is to provide a replacement for the current disposable utensils on the market with spoons that are delicious to eat. In cases where they are not consumed, the cutlery can degrade in any outside environment, as they do not have specific requirements for degradation.

    In a standard environment where the spoons are exposed to nature, they will degrade within 10 days or be eaten by other animals, similarly to a biscuit that may be thrown away.

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