Flooding in Kenya – Experts Explain Why


    Heavy rains in the coastal region of Kenya earlier this week that left six people dead were as result of a storm hitting from the South Coast, experts say.

    The Kenya Meteorological Department said the storm hit Tanga and Lunga Lunga and because of the conducive sea surface temperature, the pressure increased. In an interview with the Nation, Mombasa County Director of Meteorological Service Lydia Kinoti said because of the pressure, the storm moved closer to the high seas and hence the heavy downpour.

    “This is a peek season for Mombasa and we are going to experience this until June. We have two systems of weather which have been lying over the South Coast and they [caused what] happened on Monday,” said Ms Kinoti

    She said measurements taken after the heavy deluge on Monday showed that the county received 235.5 mm of rainfall.

    On Monday, different parts of the coastal region were flooded following the heavy rains. The downpours wreaked havoc in different parts of the region, claiming 14 lives.

    On Tuesday, Mombasa County officials visited Changamwe and donated mattresses and blankets to over 350 residents who were displaced by the raging floods. This comes as Mombasa gubernatorial aspirant Suleiman Shahbal visited Mishomoroni, where over 20 houses were submerged and families displaced. He pledged to provide relief assistance to the affected families.

    At the same time, Mr Shahbal, accompanied by his running mate Ananiah Mwaboza, said the county government had not adopted adequate preventive measures.

    “What we are seeing here is because of poor planning by the county administration. They were fully aware of all this but they decided to let people suffer. How can we have a county that cannot plan well for its people,” he said.

    He noted that the poor drainage system that the county had failed to repair in many parts of the county had contributed to the floods and called on the business community to help those who have been displaced.

    “We are urging the business community to also come forward and help these people who have been displaced here. We are doing our assessment in the entire county and see how we can help our people.”