All mothers deserve the best that we can give, including Mother Earth, the one who nurtures us all. So as we celebrate mothers all over the world today, why not do something nice for mother nature. You can even combine the two with the following green activities:

    Take your mom out on a stroll in the park and treat her with a serene picnic. It will allow her to relax, get some exercise and appreciate nature.

    Jessica Alba and her mother in law taking a stroll
    You can go a step further by filling your picnic baskets with nature’s gift of vegetables and fruits.

    A family picnic celebrating the mother

    Instead of driving far out to destinations, create memories with your favorite heroine while staying around home (remember to keep the lights off). That will give the atmosphere a break from the toxins we release by driving.

    Green is now at the top of the agenda for many people. That said, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to continue staying green even after Earth Day while honoring the extraordinary moms in our lives. Celebrate a green Mother’s Day to show both your appreciation for Mother Nature as well as your thoughtfulness for the future with your mother.

    Let us know what green activity you got up to today as you celebrated your mother.

    Happy mother and daughter in sunset