How to turn a tin can into a cool interior design object


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    You might not realize it, but there could be a few potential interior design masterpieces sitting in your fridge at this very moment! A little effort and imagination can turn an ordinary tin can into a much-loved piece of decor. You find this hard to believe? Then read on…

    Especially for you, Bright Side offers a selection of brilliant DIY tips on how to turn mundane objects into something truly unique!

    Vase 2

    You can put these adorable objects to a variety of uses including vases or pencil holders. Such handmade souvenirs can also serve as wonderful tokens of affection for the ones you love.


    A simple yet wonderful idea! All you need to do is paste over the can with pretty wrapping paper or vintage loose book pages, and…voila! A trendy vase that’s practically begging for a bouquet of fresh flowers!

    Vase 4

    Just find a tight-fitting lid, and — hey presto! An ideal container for aromatic spices. Just don’t forget to attach the right label.

    Vase 6

    Nailing a few large tin cans to your bathroom wall can provide a refreshing alternative to boring old towel hangers. Don’t hesitate to experiment with the color scheme — a tad of creative thinking can make these improvised shelves one of the unexpected highlights of your interior decor.

    Vase 5

    A trendy and efficient way of keeping all of your important documents, textbooks, and letters safe and handy. It makes a refreshing change from boring files and drawers!