How we plan to empower people and clean Nigerian environment – Minister


    Our favourite minister (of course she’s for the environment), Mrs. Amina Mohammed had a chat with an online news site, where she talked about her background, gender issues and her achievements since she began her duties as the Federal Minister of the Environment.

    Here’s an excerpt of the interview.

    Q: Can you tell us what you have achieved since you resumed office a few months ago?

    A: Well it is a very short time. People talk about what you are getting into, not about what you have inherited or come to meet. So, you may not know how to tackle it and address it. It is very important for us to know what we have in place.

    We have spent a good deal of time accessing what the ministry has done in the last four to five years. And, know our coming together is what this ministry wants to achieve as this administration is using this ministry as one of the six core pillars.

    So, we are very clear to do the first thing that we want to do with the change agenda and to emulate what the president is talking about of empowering people and giving jobs. The first thing is, we must empower people. The second thing is to talk about the climate change and to take the action we need for that. When we look at the climate actions, we can take it in many ways which will help to become the solution that to address the root of many conflicts that we have in this country.

    So, some people seem not to have anything else to do, only to further the conflicts. But, we just have to protect our environment from violence, pollution, erosion and de-forestation. So, all these things are big issues for us and you saw recently what we were able to do.

    It has been on a drawing board for a long time that nothing much has been happening in our environment. But now, we have got a structure to put things in place.

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