Industrial Revolution: A blessing to human, a curse to the ecosystem


    The industrial revolution which started in the 18th century has contributed immensely to the way humans live and has also changed the way they interact with the environment from the beginning to the present day. The change has affected all spheres of the human life such as the economical aspect and the social life.

    The revolution brought about the improvement in the standard of living, improvement in food production, effective transportation system and modernized methods of production. Man transited from hand production to machine production.

    However, these improvements were not without a price, the ecosystem paid hugely for it. The ecosystem which is the community where living organisms in conjunction with the non-living components of their environment interact as a system, have been greatly affected by the industrial revolution which began centuries ago. The external factors that control ecosystem includes; climates, parent materials that form soil and topography which controls the overall earth structure. These components are subjected to periods and are dynamic.

    The system has been distorted by the revolution which has led to the extinction of different species of organisms, plants and animals. Over the years, gradual changes of the ecosystem have led to very serious issues that need urgent attention.

    Road construction, bridges and the erection of structures such as houses, offices, schools, factories and markets have contributed largely to the depletion and distortion of the ecosystem. Trees are no longer standing up right, they have fallen and are now timbers for construction, vegetal covers have been erased to pave way for roads, railways and bridges, organisms have been covered by roads while animals have been driven away or buried during the process. Although roads and the beautiful edifice created by man make life easy for the human race, they have impacted negatively on the ecosystem.

    The manufacturing industries that produce the clothes we wear, the shoes we put on and the bags we carry around get their raw materials from distorting the flow in the ecosystem. These products are for our utilization to make life worth living but it is at the detriment of the ecosystem. The same industries release harmful waste into the atmosphere which depletes the ozone.

    We mine and excavate natural resources from beneath the ground for our usage, but we end up destroying the land, soil erosion creep in to reduce arable land and make it impossible to farm. Oil spillage is another hazard; it destroys not just land but rivers too. Water becomes contaminated, aquatic plants and animals get affected and the ecosystem losses its shape to technological advancement. All the various components of the ecosystem have one way or another been affected by human’s quest to make life comfortable.

    It is gratifying to note that we have started to put in place measures that will sustain the ecosystem and still make life comfortable, we have created alternatives to various environmental resources but we still have more to do if we must restore the ecosystem.

    I have gone GREEN, what about you?