Kenyan Universities link up to sustain the environment


    A project has been launched to help Kenyan universities incorporate environmental and sustainability features in their curriculums and operations at their campuses.

    It is called the Kenya Green University Network (KGUN) project and was launched in Nairobi last month.

    Achim Steiner, executive director, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which helped launch the project, believes KGUN will provide a platform for Kenyan higher education institutions to network and play a part in global environmental processes, including devising low-carbon strategies and mainstreaming environmental sustainability across their curriculums.

    Kenya’s Commission for University Education (CUE) and the National Environmental Management Agency (NEMA) are the other partners of the project.

    David Some, the secretary of CUE, says there is a great potential to promote sustainability both through education and practice, urging universities to come up with innovative ways to harness their students’ energy and local community resources.

    Nickson Otieno, a lecturer at the Technical University of Kenya, says that the benefits of embracing environmental sustainability include a positive attitudinal change towards the environment, increased compliance to environment laws and standards, and cost reductions through efficient use of resources.


    Source: SciDevNet