Lagos Recycles 2015 Election Campaign Posters


    Here is a some good news for environmental friendly Nigerians worried about the massive waste campaign posters left behind after the elections.

    The Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency and the Lagos State Waste Management Authority have come together to recycle campaign posters.

    Managing Director of LASA, Mr. George Noah said the partnership would aid the agency’s eco friendly cleanup exercise of the estimated 1.5 million campaign posters used all over the streets of Lagos.

    “Recycling paper waste conserves natural resources, saves energy, cuts greenhouse gas emissions and keeps landfill space free for other forms of waste that can’t be recycled.” he said.

    The agency’s enforcement team has round the state, taken down political campaign posters and is sending them to LAWMA and thereafter to Jebba Paper Mill.

    LAWMA said “The bulk of the waste are papers. They will be collected from our landfills, sorted and graded at our paper bailing section at Olusosun dumpsite in Ojota, Lagos and processed at Jebba Paper Mill.

    Campaign posters were immediatly taken down after the elections in Lagos.