Mama Makoko: elderly woman making stars in the slum


    Nigeria abounds with the story of unknown and unsung women making impact and creating change in their respective communities and spheres of influence. With little or no resources, they are taking the initiatives to illuminate the lives of others despite being engulfed in darkness. This is what women of rubies is about. It’s about telling the tales of unsung Nigerian heroines.
    Today, we bring to you the story of Regoe Alfredo Durugo popularly called Mama Makoko. This woman with a heart of gold goes from house to house in Makoko community, a slum located in Lagos recruiting less privileged children to get an education. Every day she paddles her canoe with stubborn determination, taking children who hitherto are uneducated and illuminating their minds with formal education. For more than 25 years, she has been able to send more than 5000 children to school in the riverine Makoko converting the townhall into a makeshift classroom, employing and paying young teachers with the little she makes from her catering job. Going to Makoko wasn’t an easy journey, but Easy Taxi made it convenient and comfortable
    This is her story!
    I came into this community called Oko Agbon for evangelism not with the intention to educate the children. When I got here, I realized the level of education here is poor; this made me decide to start teaching these kids. This was around 1990. I have made some previous mistakes, I did not start here, I started in Bariga waterfront that was 1987, before I moved to this place. Getting here, I realized they need me here because the problems were just too much. As a result of my work, I get called different names like Mama Makoko, the light of Makoko, Mama Yaba, and Mama Nigeria.

    Source by: Esther Ijewere-Kalejaiye