Model Female Farmers Establish Coalition in Ethiopia


    Ethiopian female farmers who made impressive achievements in fighting poverty for the last five years and became models for ensuring their families’ food security, recently met to establish a coalition. They have shared the secret behind their success and challenges during the meeting.

    OXFAM Horn of Africa Regional Deputy Director, Dr. Mandefro Nigusie said on the occasion that the female farmers are heroins who overcome challenges and become model to others scoring a great success in food security. He noted that there is a great responsibility they have to shoulder and teach others to follow suit.

    The coalition is aimed at enabling the models to discuss their challenges with decision making bodies and even they can be spokesperson to other female farmers to voice their problems.

    Mare Lake female farmer from Amhara State is among those who managed to deal with problems to become model to others. During the meeting, she indicated that some people who were envious of her sometimes destroy her farm at night. “However, such attitudes of lazy people could not hold me back and stop me from becoming successful,” Mare stressed.

    These female farmers are beneficiaries of the Female Food Heroes initiative. An initiative giving women smallholder farmers a platform to showcase their successes. It is also supporting women in agriculture and helping them to inspire their communities.