Motorists gawk at massive freeway python


    Motorists on the N2 on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast in South Africa stared in awe as a group of men casually walked along the highway, carrying a five-metre-long African rock python on Sunday.

    The men, walking with a group of tethered hunting dogs, had gathered quite a following of people, who stopped to take pictures of the dead snake.


    One of those motorists, Yolande said she had been travelling to Durban with her husband and young children when she saw the throng walking in the grassed centre median.

    “I told my husband to change lanes and as we looked to the side, they were carrying this long pole with a python wrapped around in,” she said.
    “We looked at each other because we were in awe, we just couldn’t believe it,” Pearce said.

    She said that they did an about-turn to get a better look at the snake, and to check whether or not it was still alive.
    “We took an off-ramp and turned back to have another look and as we approached them we saw them while they were walking on the off-ramp.”

    “I just got out of the car and took some pictures and a video, because I had never seen such a big rock python in my life and it was clearly dead,” she said.

    A KwaZulu-Natal Ezemvelo Wildlife official, who could not be named, confirmed that the African rock python was a specially protected species of snake which was illegal to hunt or keep without a permit.

    Source: News 24