Nigeria adopts new agriculture policy


    Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture has unveiled a new plan aimed at ensuring the protection of local and foreign investments.

    Audu Ogbeh told journalists after this week’s Federal Cabinet meeting, that his ministry was talking with the Interior Ministry about training personnel, to take up that responsibility.

    It was reported that the cabinet has endorsed a document containing all policies needed to make agriculture the alternative to oil.

    The document, called “The Green Alternative,” contains objectives, policies and interventions needed to be put in place in order for Nigeria to achieve self sufficiency and become a major importer of agricultural products as it used to be in the 60s and 70s.

    Ogbeh concedes that times are hard and there is severe shortage of food, noting that this is due to the fact that Nigeria imports a large part of the food it consumes.

    The Agriculture Minister is optimistic that within the next year, efforts made to curtail present challenges faced in the agriculture sector through the policy document just launched, will have begun to yield fruit.

    Source: TVC News