Not-so-fun facts about Air Pollution by Ecosisi


    Knowledge is power they say. This is why we just had to share these not so fun facts culled from @ecosisi’s instagram page (feel free to check her out by the way).

    ?Air pollution around cities is clearly seen from outer space.

    ?A.P causes more deaths than unsafe sex, malnutrition, obesity,alcohol and drug abuse.

    ?A.P was responsible for 5.5 million deaths in 2013

    ?A.P in China has been tracked to the central valley in California.

    ?Over 80% of lung damaging particulate matter in cities come from cars, trucks, buses & other vehicles on the road.

    ?65% of the world’s outdoor A.P related deaths occur in China.

    ?Health problems related with A.P include respiratory inflammation, chest pain, coughing, nausea, pulmonary congestion, asthma, ear infection, lung cancer…

    ?The EU could save 161£ by reducing deaths from A.P

    ?Sources of A.P include Factories, Coal and wood burning, Air planes, trains, Cars, Wild fire, Construction equipment, Power plants, Agriculture (manure, fertilizer, herbicide, Pesticide), buses, etc #reduce

    ?The great smog of 1952 in London killed at least 8000 people.

    ?Half of A.P deaths are attributed to outdoor A.P while the other to indoor A.P.

    ?Outdoor A.P kills 3.5 million people annually and about 50% of that is attributed to road transportation.

    For more not so fun facts, visit Ecosisi’s page on instagram and twitter (@ecosisi).