Our Top 5 at TasteOff Lagos


    On October 5, 2014, food creators/vendors and those who love them met at Freedom Park Lagos to heat up the kitchen, and tickle taste buds.  

    Sustainable food production is a important for right management of Earths resources, so for Eco Nigeria, we looked out for stands serving ecofriendly and healthy food. We rated them by – 

    1. how less they contributed to climate change

    2. how much they were locally sourced

    3. how natural and healthy they are

    Here they are!

    I. Veggie Victory

    Veggie Victory served vegan suya , vegan sandwich and vegan beans and plantain. They sure catered to the tastes of vegans, an unsurprisingly little number.

    2. So Fresh Marketing

     This vendor served only fresh fruits juice, smoothies and fruit salad.

    3. Green Grill House

    This stand had the perfect salad, serving chilli chicken salad, greek salad and some see food, which is however optional. 

    4. Wilson’s Lemonade

    Tasty drinks made from lemon, sugar cane juice and zobo(hibiscus leaf) were given out for free.  Really worth trying.

    5. Tasair Water

    Serving the very essential……water, for free.

    There you have them, Our top 5! 

    There are so many factors that are considered when rating how ecofriendly a restaurant or company is, including packaging, use of water, energy etc. However, we only made an on the ground assessment, based on food served.

    What do you think makes a meal ecofriendly?

    Special thanks to 7aithscocktails for supporting EcoNigeria at the event. 7aithscocktails handles “event catering from cocktails to mocktails to hors d’Oeuvres…!

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