Pamela Braide celebrates Ogoni clean-up launch


    I am so happy the clean up of Ogoni land has flagged off and to have witnessed it.

    I am so happy the clean up has been rightly extended to the Niger Delta starting from Ogoni land.

    I am so happy all the stakeholders, the community leaders, the UN, the FG, the ambassadors of Netherlands and Norway of course Shell and much more were present and expressed commitment to the cleanup.

    I am so happy the institutional structures include the communities.

    HOWEVER I am so sad that on the day of this historic cleanup the niger delta avengers(as earlier threatened) have claimed responsibility for blowing up a recently repaired Shell oil asset. Shell incidentally (was also indicted by the UNEP report for oil pollution) is stakeholder of the Ogoni cleanup and attended the launch.

    The victims remain the poor communities who will suffer for decades from the after effects.

    At this rate when oil becomes valueless the pollution will still remain. At that point nothing can be done about it.

    It is instructive to note Ogoni’s without a single shot fired; without a single pipeline blown or a single oil worker kidnapped won a hard fought victory to restore thier land for today and generations unborn.

    What other gift or lesson or gift can a people can give thier children? Whatever talk of division pales against the evident greatness of the Ogoni’s. I am proud.

    The UNEP representative at the launch estimated 25 to 30 years of work.

    It has begun.

    It is now written that long after the last petro dollar is gone, health and wealth will forever be theirs.

    So glad I was a witness at Bodo. Great Ogoni’s please take a bow. Ken Sarowiwa take a drag of your pipe and please take a bow.