President Muhammadu Buhari’s ban on souvenirs, good for nature, bad for small businesses


    The Federal Government of Nigeria has banned the purchase and distribution of conference bags, T-shirts and other souvenirs at events such as Conferences and Seminars funded by Federal Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) according to statement by the Director of Information, Federal Ministry of Finance.

    According to the statement, the ban was in continuation of the on-going cost-cutting and efficiency drive in the utilization of public funds by the present administration. The statement reads in part
    “The directive which is a recognition of the fact that in a period of lean financial resources unnecessary expenditure on overheads such souvenirs are luxuries that the government must eliminate. The directive also contained specific guidelines that would reduce the cost of printing Invitation Cards, Programme of events, Brochures, Folders and Note Pads. Among the guidelines are that they should be in black and white and limited to only one page and in the case of Brochures they should be streamlined to contain only essential information”it said. Also, the statement said the printing of unnecessary publications and books of short shelf life which have no real value to the concerned public institutions or the citizens has also been banned. “MDAs were encouraged to save costs by uploading such publications on their websites which has the added benefit of wider visibility” the statement read.

    This is good news for environmentalists as the number of natural resources used for making these items will be reduced. Sincerely, we know many of those items are pretty useless and unsustainable,however we are also concerned about how this will affect the livelihood of those involved in the affected business chain. This is a call for sustainable events as well as sustainable ideas in printing and gifting. We need eco-preneurs