Rare storm hits Abu Dhabi


    An already unusual week in the United Arab Emirates turned even weirder today as a massive storm whipped through the desert nation, causing damage throughout the capital, Abu Dhabi.

    The downpour quickly overpowered the drainage systems, leaving motorists stranded in standing water on city streets.

    The storm, which contained strong winds, frequent lightning and even some hail, caused all flights to be suspended at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

    In addition to travel chaos, schools and businesses were closed, and many were to be closed again Thursday as weather conditions were expected to remain unsettled.

    Rainfall is rare in the UAE, which has a dry, desert climate that sees less than 4 inches (100 millimeters) of rainfall per year on average.

    The current storm system was expected to linger over the UAE and Oman through Thursday, but a drying trend is in the forecast beginning Friday.

    Below is a short funny clip showing a man trying to best the rare rain.

    Source: CNN