Recycling waste from the Ocean


    It is Amazing how humans can be creative.

    A young man in Africa; Kenya has a little company from Kenya makes toys from slippers that wash up on the beach. So we should please, not complain about life, let us try to be creative.

    Someone’s trash is someone else’s fortune. This right here is a perfect example. Some people consider the ocean as if it were a dumpster but God push that trash toward a beautiful and intelligent mind

    I believe creativity can bring you true wealth, it is only but a matter of time that others will begin to take notice of your works. The bible says your gift will make room for you. God has blessed each one of us with such uniqueness it is incredible. But for the world to know who you are and to be inspired and blessed by your works start using your God given gifts. This statement was made by Loretta Ogbonna on Facebook.

    Source: Facebook