Sanitation Day hasn’t solved the problem



    Nigeria is dirty. From our streets, gutter to even our homes; the dirt piles up and becomes one with us.

    The government’s quick fix to this problem is the inauguration of a day that has been set aside to enable us clean our environment. A look around will show just how well that idea is working, NOT. Maybe it is due to inadequate enlightenment programmes or the lack of proper sanitary regulatory bodies, what is obvious is that Nigerians are a threat to their environment and themselves.

    Just think about why diseases like Lassa fever and Ebola would thrive in this part of the world and not in some others…lack of proper hygienic practices and clean environment.

    Below are some pictures to help drive home the message:





    Now ideally governments should be responsible for professionally planning environment and keep¬ing it clean but naturally, individuals should keep their immediate settings clean; don’t throws things on the floor, keep the gutters clean, cut overgrown grasses, don’t burn your trash and many more.

    The fact is, a clean Nigeria is not unimaginable – we once had it and can definitely still have it again. However, it will take the collective and dedicated effort of governments, civil organizations and citizens to achieve it. This is not an option, as more and more information come out about the need to do right by the environment now more than ever, Nigeria cannot afford to ignore such a pungent problem if we are to survive mother nature’s cleanse.