‘Save us from Erosion. A Community in Idah begs Government


    The people of Angwa Adache a community in Idah local government area of Kogi state have called on the state and the federal government to come to their rescue and  help save their land from the menace of erosion bedeviling the community.

    An occupant of a building beside the gully caused by erosion, who pleaded anonymous, told Eco Nigeria that she has been living in fear for many years as a result of the erosion and prays that the inevitable does not happen.

    “The start of a rainy season is supposed to bring joy as it ushers in the farming season but for me, it comes with fear, anxiety and worries because the gully widens every year”. She said.

    According to her, she has been living in the affected area way before the erosion started and have witness the gully expand to become a death trap. She fears that if nothing is done to rescue the situation, the gully will swallow her home and make her homeless.

    “The state and the federal government should please come to my rescue and save my land”. She concluded.

    The erosion has not only affected farmlands and houses; it has also affected the main road which leads to Inachalo River where majority of the people in the community go to fetch water for domestic usage.

    Commuters who ply the road also expressed worries over the deplorable state of the road.

    A motorcycle rider, who spoke to Eco Nigeria said that passengers no longer feel comfortable whenever they are on the depleted road and that the road is a major road connecting various strategic locations like Inachalo River and the Idah Palace Hotel.

    “We have witnessed plenty of accidents on this road especially at night and whenever it rains. Most of the victims are visitors from neighboring communities and travelers, this is because they are not familiar with the road” he explained.

    The community is worried that the government and people in authority have turned a blind eye on their plight. They are appealing to the government for rescue so that the community does not becomes isolated from other towns as they might lose their main access road soon.