Sustainable Solution for Bad Breath


    Nature has its ways of fixing and sustaining itself. Solutions that are nature based, and nature friendly are believed to be the best there is.

    Two Nigerian students of Doregos Private Academy, Ipaja, Lagos – Eveshorhema Sophia Samuel-Alli and Ibukunoluwa Ruth Oladeinde carried out a research on African walnut, and at the end of their experiment, they discovered that it could cure bad breath, what we call ‘MO Mouth Odor’.

    The African walnut is cancer-fighting, benefits the heart and circulatory system, helps with weight control and improves reproduction in men.

    In chat with Vanguard, they spoke on their project – Walnut: Sustainable Solution to Halitosis, which they presented at the 2014 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair held in Los Angeles, USA in June.

    The smart girls conducted the the experiment with 35 volunteers, divided into four groups. The volunteers used the walnut, Walnut chewing gum and the Walnut mouthwash.

    They said;
    “Before they took the walnut and walnut products, they were made to blow bubbles into the solution and then we recorded how long it took to turn the solution black. What turns the solution black is hydrogen sulphide and that is what causes mouth odour. So if it takes a short time, that means the mouth odour is actually very bad. Then after the experiment, they were also made to blow bubbles into the solution and this time, it was noticed that there was significant time lapse before the solution turned black.
    When the control group who had bacteria in their mouths, blew bubbles into the solution, it turned black while it remained clear when the other groups blew bubbles into it. So we knew that the walnut was actually working to cure halitosis.”

    They won a Life Science Award of $1,000 in the Medicine and Health Science category.

    We are looking out for more eco-friendly products made in Nigeria.

    Congratulations girls.