The tech start-up turning food waste to wealth in S’Africa


    Food waste is bad for our wallets. It’s also bad for the environment — the equivalent of throwing away the water, energy and other resources that go into growing it in the first place. But as interest in reducing food waste grows, so does innovation to make it happen.

    In South Africa, one company has come up with a squirmier way of using leftovers.

    AgriProtein Technologies takes organic waste from food factories, restaurants and hotels, plus out-of-date produce from supermarkets, and creates larvae feed from it. They then feed the product to fly larvae, which in turn become food for chickens and farm-raised fish.

    Drew said the process not only reduces food waste, but also turns a profit for the company while reducing the environmental footprint of raising chicken and fish.

    “We take for granted the fact that we should recycle our glass, newspapers, tin, plastic and water. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Creating and discarding nutrients … has a far higher environmental impact,” he said. “When we start to recycle these, we will be truly on the path to some sustainability for our planet.”