UN Environment’s Richard Munang Becomes Africa Environmental Hero


    UN Environment’s Richard Munang received today in Abuja the prestigious African Environmental Hero Award conferred by the International Environmental Roundtable for Africa for his leadership on environmental policies across the continent.

    Serving as UN Environment’s Climate Change Coordinator for Africa since July 2013 Dr. Richard Munang has been a champion of protecting Africa’s environment to overcome the region’s social and economic challenges. He demonstrated how climate action can improve food security, create jobs and boost economic growth.

    “Richard Munang’s leadership on climate action as a way of addressing Africa’s socio-economic development priorities is a fresh way of looking at climate change on the continent,” said Dr. Gregory Clem, Convener of the Environmental Roundtable.

    “Africa cannot afford to act on climate change in separation from its development needs and objectives. By joining the two areas with his pioneering work, Dr. Munang has become a true Africa Environmental Hero. ”

    “I can only accept this award in the context of the many of you who are committed to and actively participating in putting poverty on the run, and prosperity in the cockpit of each and every home in the 54 countries on our continent. I salute you,” said Dr. Richard Munang

    Dr. Munang paid a special tribute to climate initiatives in the region, such as UN Environment’s Ecosystems Based Adaptation for Food Security Assembly, which includes partners from state and non state actors across the continent.

    “Your commitment to policy and action to unlock Africa’s potential in sustainable agriculture and clean energy will set the continent on track to make Africa the bread basket of the globe,” said Dr. Munang.

    The African Environmental Hero Award was presented to Dr. Richard Munang by Ibrahim Usman Jibril, the Honorable Minister of State for Environment of Nigeria

    United Nations Environmental Programme (@UNEP)