UNEP begins new campaign to curb food waste


    Food loss and waste is a global social, economic and environmental issue. According to the United Nations Environmental Programme, 1.4bn hectares of land is used to create food that is ultimately loss or wasted every year.

    Further more, 44 percent of global food loss and waste is made up of fruits and vegetables. This is because we tend to go for the most beautiful one in the pile but the ugly food tastes just as good!

    The impact on the environment is disturbing as shown in the chart below:

    Chart on food waste

    Hence the reason for the new campaign by UNEP as they believe we can make a big difference by switching things up a little bit in our daily life.

    They are asking people to show some love to all safe and nutritious fruits and vegetables by posting a picture or video on their instagram and twitter page using the #notwasting to demonstrate how they are not wasting food.