What kind of power do Nigerians want?


    What kind of power do we want? It is ELECTION time, and POWER is a major issue on many candidates’ agenda. What power do the candidates propose to Nigerians? Where will it come from, and how can generation be sustained over the next years? Movie producer Deji Arosho says, “This is a new format for a new message. The music in the film carries the message that Nigerians are tired of waiting for opportunities, tired of waiting for power, waiting for light… The characters in this film are bold, demanding and entrepreneurial. The movie has a clear message: There is another way, let there be light!”

    Nigeria has added about 1,500 MW to its national grid over the past fifteen years. In the next 15 years, Nigeria will need close to 200,000 MW to sustain a decent life for everyone. The GAS alone cannot provide all the solutions. Nigeria has huge potential for exploiting RENEWABLE ENERGIES such as solar, wind, hydro or biomass. These potentials are not tapped into in a sustained manner, despite several low-key efforts.

    The production is supported by Heinrich Böll Foundation, to engage civil society, media and other relevant stakeholders in a debate on practical energy concepts for Nigeria.

    It features DJ Switch (GLO X Factor winner 2013), Six Foot Plus, Shaffy – Bello Akinrimisi and other Nollywood stars.