Where is the N123Million Gutsura Relocation Money?


    It’s a small world, after all, one in which companies in some part of the world are emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, thus increasing direct UV light on the planet earth, and as a result, ice bergs are melting in the North Pole, thereby increasing the level of water in the River Niger, and just in a rural community in Northern Nigeria – Gutsura, the Mashayar Dantudu River that took source from the River Niger overflows during raining season – what’s the result – flooding, death of children, and millions of livestock and food destroyed. The most intriguing is that this has been happening for over 10years.
    In 2012, Nigeria experienced the worst flooding ever recorded, and Gutsura was not left out – 1 child died; 2,000 people got displaced, millions naira worth of livestock and food were also lost in the disaster. For three months, Gutsura was deserted until the water receded.

    In October 2013 the government of Zamfara said it had NGN123 million to help relocate the 3,000 people residing in flood prone Gutsura. Hoping to use NGN18 million to secure a new land (which we saw as been done), and a NGN105 million to build 570 housing unit (which hasn’t been done). It is over a year now, and we ask the government of Zamfara to #RelocateGutsura immediately.

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