Wild tiger numbers on the rise


    The number of wild tigers has gone up for the first time in a century, according to new figures released by the World Wildlife Fund.

    The environmental organisation puts the rise down to better conservation in a number of countries, but warns there is still more to do.

    In 1916, the total number of tiger’s population amounted to over 100,000 but fast forward to 2010 and the numbers had dropped to a mere 3,200.

    But the latest tiger census for this year reveals that the number is increasing gradually. We now have a total of 3,890 tigers and counting.

    According to Heather Sohl of WWF, Tigers are cats and they will breed well of they have the right space, prey and protection against poaching.

    At the moment, India has recorded the greatest rise in tigers due to environmental controls by the government.

    It may be the first time in tiger conservation history that the number has gone up but the threats like killing tigers for medicine, for sports and for profit have not gone away.