Will Africa ever go green?


    The answer is yes, but the actual question should be when.

    There is no doubt Africa needs to go green by embracing environmental sustainability.

    The Environmental sustainability issues such as climate change, waste management, land use, water scarcity, deforestation, pollution, energy consumption, etc, matter more to Africa than any other region.

    This is unfortunate as the continent has the possibility of being the first to become a truly green continent but the wastage of its scarce resources by failed leaders makes this dream seemingly unattainable, for now.

    The truth is Africa is well poised to take advantage of its vast human resources and natural endowment to be at the fore front of going green, but this is not to say that there are no challenges associated with the region going green.

    The widespread adoption of ‘going green’ will bring great benefits to Africa.

    Climate change is not a crisis of Africa’s making, yet Africa’s climate is set to become hotter and more volatile, exposing the continent’s poor inhabitants to heightened risk. A systematic approach is required to manage the continent’s emission contribution like the adoption of green buildings, alternative power e.g solar energy and an effective public transportation system.

    While environmentalists continue to solicit for effective environment policies to help tackle climate change problems in Africa, sceptics look around in doubt that a change can come anytime soon. Not when we are yet to deal with illiteracy level, poverty and the security of lives and property in many of our countries.