Wings For Rhinos and Elephants, To Stop Poachers


    For many years, rhinos and elephants have been poached for their horns and tusks. Stopping the multi-billion dollar illegal business has been such a difficult task. A new technology could be the answer desperately needed to save these animals from going extinct. Poachers operate under the cover of night, and until now, rangers have not had an effective way to find them before they kill. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) drones that have infrared cameras and GPS on them and can send back thermal images of animals . . . and poachers.  They’re electric, silent and invisible but provide the information operators use to rapidly vector rangers to the location of the poacher before he kills. See more info here.

    This is a good development, one that would save these poor animals and even the rangers protecting them, from brutal and horrendous deaths. Give wings to the rhinos and elephants by supporting this project by Air Shepherd.